Strange - Proxy settings not being detected when Rhino is launched

Hi all,

I have a large lab that I manage using Group Policy and Mandatory profiles. I have a ProxyOverride added to the Registry.

When I log onto a PC and try and launch Rhino it comes back with an error saying it can’t find the Proxy server. Here is the strange part, if I open Word, close Word, try and launch Rhino again, it WORKS!!! Log out, log back in and try Rhino again, it fails. Open RegEdit and close it again, try Rhino, it works.

Any one got any ideas?

@brian - got an idea about what might be happening?


I wonder if the splash screen trying to get to the Internet via the McNeel update service is causing problems.

What happens if you start Rhino with the /nosplash command line argument after a reboot?

You can do this either by modifying your desktop shortcut or running Rhino.exe from the command line.