Strange behavior with Rhino.Geometry CreateFromLoft

I am using the following python snippet to loft two curves;

`   ieList = List[rc.Geometry.Curve]()
        for crv in list_crv:
        loft = rg.Brep.CreateFromLoft(ieList, rg.Point3d.Unset, rg.Point3d.Unset, rg.LoftType.Straight, False)`

However I am getting the above behavior when I modify the original curves and the corners are not “tightly” lofting the shape creating chamfered lofts on all the corners other then the seam corner. What could be causing this?

You are missing the next step in these kind of lofts which is to split kinky faces. Your geometry is actually fine but until you split kinky faces the display will look odd. (Bake that geometry in Rhino which will split it automatically and you will see the geometry is fine)

Here is the method you need:

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I am having trouble stitching the solution to the above code. What is the syntax to access the BrepFaceList for the loft to use SplitKinkyFaces() in python?

Should be loft.Faces.SplitKinkyFaces()

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That did it. Thanks!

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