Strand7 Beam section properties and Robot WB's


I have a two fold query. the first is when using geometry gym to strand7. I have selected the profile from the database and set it up to bake it into strand7. The geometry comes in fine, however the section properties are blank

The other query is regarding WB’s/WC’s. When using the create structural model beam for Robot Elements, no profile appears (it does for UB’s and other sections).

Many Thanks for your help

Hi Julian,

  1. We do not currently send the section data with the profile section when exporting to Strand7. However, it is something we are looking to improve in the very near future. You can get Strand7 to calculate the values for you by selecting the geometry tab -> edit and clicking the box assign shear areas.

  2. I don’t seem to be replicating the issue you are having with the Robot section preview. Please try to update to the most recent installer and see if it fixes your issue. Link below:

Let me know if you require anything further.