Strand7 Beam sectional properties and profile at the same time

Hi @jonm,

I’m currently creating beams to be loaded in to Strand7.
My understanding is that when I load the text file in to Strand, the sectional properties are not automatically generated.

I also see that you have the node for SectionPropExplicit which lets you specify the values you want in this properties window. However, when I do this I don’t understand how to define the dimensions of the profile - it seems like it is one or the other. (See my example)

So two questions:

  1. Is there something that I am missing which lets you specify in the text file to get Strand to automatically generate the sectional properties from the profile shape like it would if you are manually modelling.
  2. And if not… and I need to calculate those properties in Grasshopper, how can I “Merge” the two section properties I showed in the image to make sure the section knows its sectional properties AND profile dimension.

Thanks a lot!!

Hi William,

Thanks for posting. Let’s see if this strategy works for your workflow. If not, let me know and we can discuss alternatives.

We don’t store all the analysis properties in our database, and our database isn’t necessarily coordinated with lots of analysis properties in Strand7.

I would recommend creating a strand7 model, and creating all the section properties you need to use in Grasshopper. Export this model (with no elements) to a text file. You can then import this dataset into grasshopper (appending into our gh database so the properties are included in the export) and then you can refer to the properties in the script, either by indexing or putting each property into a branch by it’s property number.

If you get a crash, please update to latest build of ggRhinoStrand7 on rhino package manager.

Refer to these files below, look forward to discussing further.

220211 strand7 properties.txt (9.4 KB)
220211 imported properties by property number (19.3 KB)
220211 imported (17.6 KB)

Hey @jonm ,

Thanks for your reply. This is an interesting and useful method you’ve shown and I’ll keep it in mind for future uses. 2 things I’m unsure about for my use case tho.

  1. We are dynamically generating the sections in GH so we cant pre-prepare them in Strand. If it’s required we can do sectional calculations in the script
  2. The script is going to be used my multiple users, preferably with as minimal interaction as possible and so having an extra text file that needs to be with the script isn’t ideal.

Do you think there would be a way to merge the two generated properties like I had in the image originally? Maybe a way to “Update” or “Append” to a property with new data.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the further info.
Sure if you want to calculate/derive the attributes, I’ve improved the plugin to accept this.
Refer to this example, update the plugin from rhino package manager.
230220 explicit (13.4 KB)

Let me know if this doesn’t help, or if you have other suggestions/requests.



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Thanks @jonm this is exactly what we need!!

If I have any future questions and requests, is it best to create a new thread or just continue them here?

Great, feel free to create a new thread if a report or suggestion is not directly related.

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