Can't select objects in block instance. Can still use osnap. (Lines were generated in grasshopper)

When I try to edit these block instances I cant select or delete any of the geometry. I can still lock onto all of it with an Osnap but it seems non existent otherwise. All my selection filters are turned on and I can select other geometry just fine.
Even when I explode the block, the geometry is un-selectable.
The only thing I can think of that may have cause this is that I baked the blue geometry from grasshopper while editing the block instance. The purple outline was not generated in grasshopper however so I dont know why that was affected.
I’ve tried restarting rhino, restarting my PC. Nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas?

Hello - please post a file with the block. As far asI can see in my simple test, adding geometry from GH while editing a block seems to work fine…

Are your objects locked?