STL export welds surfaces on layers to a single layer. Defacto behavior?

Hello, and I hope all is well.

I have created a mesh within Rhino v7 that has entities on multiple layers.

On .STL export, all surfaces are welded together on a single layer.

Is it possible to export a mesh with mesh objects on multiple layers intact?

Let me know if you would please.

Many thanks to you all.

Hello - by ‘a mesh within Rhino v7 that has entities on multiple layers’ do you mean that you have created several meshes and these are on various layers? As far as I can see stl keeps these as separate, at least on reimporting to Rhino. But as far as I recall, layers are not supported in stl.


That appears to the case, and I appreciate your prompt response.

Take for example an aileron on a wing. That moving surface is on a layer of its own, and so the wing as well. On .STL export/reimport to Rhino V2 as .stl, all the surfaces are welded together.

It appears there will be a need to create separate export files that showcase surface movement.

Many thanks to you.

Hi Steven - In Rhino, SplitDisjointMesh will separate disjoint pieces.