Multiple objects exported as Stl becomes single item

I just moved up from Rhino V5 to V7 and noticing that multiple objects exported as an .stl, becomes a single selectable item when I open the .stl file.
If I wanted to delete or reposition a portion of it I have to explode it.
Is there an option to keep them separate during the export?
Thanks in advance

Make sure this is checked on import:


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Split Disjoint meshes box is unchecked.
Attached is V7 & V5 side by side. I can select a single sphere in V5 but V7 won’t let me unless I explode it.

The box should be checked, not unchecked. You can also run the command SplitDisjointMeshes in Rhino after the fact. (I love phone automatic corrections)

That worked. Thank you.

Hello- if you get it wrong, SplitDisjointMeshes will sort it out.