Step file with incorrect geometry

I made some step files for lasercutting through 24/7 tailorsteel. I exported them with the default settings and allso with all other possibilities. When i upload it to the lasercutting software it keeps saying that the geometry is wrong. At tailorsteel they opened and closed it in solidworks which solved the issues for 90% of the cases.
It turned out that opening and saving in autodeskfusion was the way to go.
Obviously i do not want to use fusion.
Is this a bug on the rhino side or on the tailor steel side. I enclose one of the step files that were not working.
Kind regards, Retest02.stp (100.2 KB)

Step file looks fine to me when I open it here in Rhino - what does "geometry is “wrong” mean?

Hi Rene - can you please send a ‘good’ version and a ‘bad’ version of this part?


I could not tell you. The program is no more specific then that. Sometimes it does not recognize the 40x20 tube at all. Allready earlier in the process of uploading the .step file to tailor steel.

staande achtervork L 16-01-2019 fusion v1.step (47.7 KB)
staande achtervork L 16-01-2019.stp (118.5 KB)
The one with fusion behind is accepted, the other one is denied. Very curious if you can find something.

Kind regards, René van Corven

Hi Rene - in Rhino, run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the tubing - then export - is that any better?


Hi Pascal

Nope, no difference and rhino said that it shrunk 0 surfaces. Must be something else.


Hmm - so, one difference I see between the two files you posted is that the Fusion one has most surfaces shrunk - though not quite - and the other one does not - underlying surfaces are not the same. Can you please also send the Rhino file?


Hi Pascal
It is part of a trikedesign. The file is 52 mbs. Can i upload that or send it to you in another way?

Hi Rene - I just need the part in Rhino its original Rhino form - can you export the one object to a new Rhino file and send that?

Also, @rene1 - the developer suggests that you make sure on export that the setting to export parameter space curves may have an effect - probably it should be un-checked.



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I think i tried all possible combinations yet but gave this one another try. No luck.staande achtervork L test.stp (62.8 KB)

Above the rhino file.

Everybody gave up on this topic?

Hi Rene - If possible, I’d like to get the part we’re looking at as a Rhino file. It would be useful as well to know what Tailor does not like about Rhino Step files.


I am sorry. I uploaded the wrong file so it is my own fault that it stopped. Here is the rhino file. In tailorsteel it is an automated process. Sometimes it does not recognize the tube. Sometimes it does but later on in the process they say the geometry is incorrect without beiing specific.
As said, opening in fusion and saving as .stp again somehow repairs the file.
staande achtervork L.3dm (259.1 KB)

Hi Rene - thanks - I’ll get this to the developer. My question about Tailor was meant more to find out if you have asked them - their support - what Tailor does not like about these step files? It would be a lot easier to tune up if we knew what to look for. We’ll see what we can find out.


There’s nothing wrong with the STEP file from Rhino. Solidworks, Fusion, Rhino, and others have no problem reading it. In STEP, there are many, many ways to represent the same thing. The Rhino STEP file is pretty much the same as the one from Fusion with several minor differences in the way things are represented. The Tailor product must be written to understand the STEP files from Fusion but there’s something it doesn’t understand from ours. We come across similar situations with our importer every now and then, even after 20 years. I just figure out what entities our reader doesn’t understand and write the code to deal with them. No doubt the same holds for TailorSteel. I’ve submitted a request for someone there to contact me about this. Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on.

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Hi Chuck

i think that is the right way togo. I will allso ask my contact at tailorsteel but i have the idea that they do not bother too much. Hope we can solve this allthough it is not a real big issue as long as you can work around it.

Thanks, René

Hi Rene,

Please let me know if you hear anything. I will let you know if someone contacts me.


Hi Chuck

i tried several times to get in contact with someone from tailor steel about the .stp issue. I get vague answers. They do not seem to care at all. Did you have any luck?

Kind regards, René

Hi Rene. No, I have not heard from anyone other than an auto-reply with a case number. I will try one more time, but without much hope.

I guess we’ll just have to see if we can figure it out on our own. I believe you said that sometimes your files from Rhino are accepted. Can you send me one, made in Rhino, that is?