Error exporting stepfile

I am trying to export a step file for a production company I work with (tailorsteel) but for some reason, uploading the file gives me an error. I already erased the isocurves but now tailorsteel’s program, Sofia, says “no plates or tubes found.” I tried a zillion ways to save but no luck so far, anyone an idea what it can be?

Thanks so much, ernest

Are the originals joined, closed volumes? If you re-import the STEP in Rhino, what do you see?

I appreciate your reply, thanks! if I re-import the step file, it says “1 polysurface added to the selection”.

OK, I suppose you also exported just one polysurface in this case. Is the polysurface closed before exporting? Is it still closed on re-import? If possible, you might also post the .3dm and the .stp files for reference here…

grill north final TOP.stp (71.2 KB)

grill topside.3dm (3.6 MB)

I don’t see a problem either with the original Rhino file or the step file… I guess I might ask the supplier what specifically is the problem, I don’t see anything offhand. Maybe the form you drew isn’t recognized by their software as something usable?


Thanks, I’m trying to get a answer from them…
I will ask again - thanks to take a look :slight_smile:

It could be that your stepfile is exported as BSplineSurfaces:
See this post: