STEP export settings

Has the STEP export settings been changed recently? When I exported a selection as STEP again, it turned out that the parts arrived as surfaces at the recipient. At first all parts were a block and the parts created as blocks. After I exploded the blocks, there were only surfaces but no solids.
About a month ago all parts arrived as solids after export.
Rhino 7.19

can you post a file we can take a look at?

Hello- you should Join the surfaces into solids (Check for naked edges as well) before exporting - that is not the same as creating blocks.


Hello Pascal. The bodys turning into blocks was just a stopgap. Here simple bodies distributed on layers. Files as 3dm, step and an image from eDrawing. You can see that the bodies have fallen apart into surfaces (green surfaces).

STEP Problem.3dm (2.9 MB)
STEP Problem.stp (43.0 KB)

Hello- on export, make sure not to split closed surfaces -



The same problem, except that now two bodies were not exported at all.

STEP Problem 1.stp (34.7 KB)

Hello- the objects are exported, the target application is not importing fully closed surfaces - that is why that option exists. I do not know why the surfaces are separated and not closed breps in the target application, but it seems there are likely some import options available - just as Rhino’s Step import offers to join, or not, the surfaces.