Rhino 7 solid export to solidworks via stp


I try to send files to a partner who uses Solidworks, which I don’t have.
Export file format from Rhino7 = stp.
After his import into Solidworks, my solid - generated as union of two parts -
seem to break into the original 2 parts again (I did de-select the Split Surfaces
option at step export, made no difference).

I am new to Rhino (and forums), created several designs (watertight solids) that
export well into Autocad elsewhere … but Solidworks seems to “think” different.

Thanks for your help!

Hi David -
What happens when you import that step file into a new Rhino document?
If that comes in as one part, chances are that your Solidworks partner should be looking for a setting there. You could also try something like FreeCAD to check how that behaves.

Hi Wim,

I tried re-importing the stepfile as first test, without problems, in one part.
Will install alternative software to see how these react.

Feels great to receive response to beginner questions, thank you!

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