Star Lattice chess set printed!

Modeled in Rhino 7 & Grasshopper (+ Dendro and Crystallon) and a little ZBrush where needed for clean up. This set is a 65mm King height but I’ve also made a larger 80mm set for more aggressive games :muscle:

I used an AnyCubic Photon Mono X with Elegoo water based UV resins. The board was an svg made in Rhino and drawn on an AxiDraw SE. This is an A3 sized board and set with a full white or black side of pieces printed at one time with no supports added or removed!

Renderings of this project here too…


so awesomely cool!!


Great work Brian, I love the board too. At first I thought you had milled it from white laminated HDF.

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Nice board design to go with this!

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Thanks! I had been experimenting with 3D boards but ended up liking the contrast with this 2D version. It was really fast to make too, just exploded some hatches and text before plotting.

:slight_smile: the king is probably my favorite. After the knight, but the pawns are really adorable lol

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