Studio Ghibli Chess Set for 3D Printing

This was one of my first projects with SUBD around 2020 it was an Anime inspired chess set to give to a friend. I modeled all the pieces in Rhino apart from the Ohm (pawn) which I started in rhino and some point I used the sculpt function in Blender with that one. It was really just a hobby project and in the end, I managed to print them all out. I’d like to say they were all really clean solids, most were but after printing a few I had to hack the Robot and Princess Mononoke up a little to get some pieces to a printable thickness so those models became pretty dense. If anyone wants the file or the STL to print their own Chess pieces let me know :slight_smile:


That princess mononoke is great, really amazing work

But I would say your king is the height of a rook and your rook is the height of a king :grin:

Thanks alot @Artstep :pray:. Now that you have brought my attention to it I do agree with you on the heights. I was pretty focused on trying to keep them within the 50mmx50mm and chess square and sized relative to each other, that’s why Mononoke’s wolf and the Nekko bus are kind of up on their back legs to stop them from taking up 2 squares. If I ever revisit the models I’ll certainly try to change the heights.

Here’s a couple of the Mononoke Print - The printer was an Elegoo Saturn

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Haha yeah, don’t worry it’s not really a criticism - I only say it because I know the pain of getting bogged down in the details of chess pieces :grin: