Star Lattice chess set

Hi All,

I finished my star lattice chess set design made in Rhino 7, Grasshopper (including Dendro and Crystallon) and ZBrush. These are renderings done in Rhino but the final goal is printing… tests in progress. I hope you like it!

More images on


so cool on so many levels!! can’t wait to see the real parts!!

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Beautiful work :heart_eyes:
You should make a render of these in a room setting. The materials you made are great too.

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Thanks! I agree, I have some ideas on a proper scene render :slight_smile:

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Loves it.

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What did you use zbrush for? smoothing?

Yes, smoothing is simple in ZB but I will also use dynamesh, subtool Booleans and decimation there, the Knight needed some love along the mane too for a support free design and that was just easier to do in ZB versus voxel unions in GH with Dendro but that would have worked too I think.

Neat. Booleans for the interior and exterior framing at the base?

Not in this project, those were just things I use ZB in general for in my own work… though there were Booleans as you suspected :wink: but those were done in Dendro. I wanted to get a complex lattice structure but also have clean lines for the silhouettes.

Really nice work :heart_eyes: the more I look at it, the more I like it

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Thanks a lot!

That’s so cool!!!
the only thing I would try to improve is the lattice on the bishop’s mitre cut


Thanks @CassieConti Yes, I agree that was/is a weak spot too when printed in some materials. I’ve had a few Bishop heads pop off after a fall :exploding_head:

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