Parametric silk like curves

Hi all, I am trying to generate a silk-like curve pattern. But it is not easy to achieve…
I guess maybe there is only 2 ways to get something like this:

Op01.Distort a surface’s domian and then extract its surface iso-structre curves.

Op02.Use kangaroo to simulate curves attraction and Repulsion, to make sure curves don’t cross each other. I guess this maybe a more dificult way to achieve.

I wonder if there is some other easier ways to achieve similar effect?

Thanks for any sughestion or help,


This could help to make curves not touching

looking at the different distances of the strains, i assume extracting isocurves is rather not going to help at least not with a simple surface. pipes with a set of different radii could give you some ideas like below.

or sweeped lines with different sizes.

but to me it looks like avoiding something dynamic will not solve it for you.

Thanks Laurent, thanks encephalaon!