Grasshopper Curve, Divide, Move Y, points are stacked?

Good morning,

I’m working on a definition to eventually make a brick pattern with deformed bricks. I’m working on a single brick definition before I create variations by sifting & sorting lists of bricks.

My concern is somehow I have points stacked on top of each other, but with the definition I made I would think I have points divided evenly along a curve, then those points move in Y. So the points along the X in my head shouldn’t stack on top of each other because there should never be more than one on top of another. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve also attached my multi brick definition, but they are too wavy and I want to add points to keep sections of the brick straight which is where this wavy brick definition comes in. It’ll replace the sections of definition in teh multi-brick file. (12.2 KB)

Multi-Brick (25.8 KB)


Im not sure i got the right result, but you can use “cull duplicates”.
Or you can skip the tree cleaning and obtain the same result.

The reason i think you have that weird loop-ish kind of thing happening is cause you have 50 points that you are moving with 80 vectors, meaning that the 50 points would be moved by the first 50 vectors, and then the last 30 vectors would repeat the read of the points, moving the first 30 points once agian, resulting in 80 moved points (matching the 80 vectors to move with).


Awesome thanks, that’s what I overlooked.
The clean tree component is there so when I insert his into a pattern sorted definition I can remove all the nulls.

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