SrfGrid wont activate from meshray, Trying to create srf from contours with bounding box (160.0 KB)

Have used this script before, but suddenly the SrfGrid wont react, have tried different bounding boxes (Larger than contours, smaller etc.) Seems like I have missed something obvious but i cant find out what.

Cant upload rhino file on here so link to drive with file;

Hope someone can help.
Best, Siri

I made three changes:

  1. Used the bottom face of a Bounding Box around the mesh.
  2. Used Pick’n’Choose to replace nulls with base points.
  3. Replaced SrfGrid because the ‘I’ input was not initialized, causing the “1. Input parameter I failed to collect data” error. (150.6 KB)

Thank you so much, I would never had figured that out! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello again. Now I have the same problem as I had earlier - what is the mistake im doing?
The problem is that ‘‘a point in the grid is null. Fitting operation aborted’’, But the boundary box is lower than the contours.
GH file:

Rhino File:

Continued in duplicate thread: