SRC 6.12.18345.14291 crashes with Blocks

The latest SRC is crashing all over the place when Blocks are involved.

  • I Have a model with two large blocks that have nested blocks that just wont open. It makes it as far as asking if I want to update one of my linked and embedded blocks and after I say yes (or no) it hangs and crashes.
  • I have a coworker who is working on a different model with large blocks. They can at least get their model to open, but it will crash if they try to use a clipping plane on the blocks.
  • Additionally if they go into block manager and try to adjust the settings of one of theses blocks then Rhino Crashes too.

We were both running on a daily build (SRC 6.12.18327.06581) prior to the update so I don’t know if that helps narrow things down or not.


Hey @NavArch,
Let’s try the very latest build to see if that fixes things.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, we’ll need to roll you back to an older build and try to figure out what is happening.

No good.
How do we roll back?

Do you remember which is the latest oldest SR you were on? SR9? SR10? …that was working?

I would start by getting this latest SR11 installer:

… But you will need to manually uninstall your current Rhino version first, and then install the one above… Any time you “roll backwards”, you must uninstall the current versions yourself.

Let us know if this works for you.


Also, if there is any possibility you can send me one of the files causing Rhino to crash I will immediately start working on a fix.

I reverted back to 6.12.18327.6581 and I can successfully open the model.

Based upon the command line prompts it looks like the model crashed before when it tried to create the meshes.

I’ll have my coworker reload this version and see if it solves their problems

That’s good to hear. Any model you can share would really help us get this fixed right away. This sounds like a regression we have to fix before releasing a final SR12

I confirmed that reverting back to 6.12.18327.6581 solves my coworkers issues too.

@stevebaer , whats the best way to send you the file? Its a bit big.

You can just put in as the recipient.


Hey @NavArch, I was able to repeat the crash with the model you sent and have fixed the code for our internal build. The next public SR12 release candidate will have this fix included. Not exactly sure when we will be releasing the next RC with the holiday schedule.

Thanks again for sending the model.