Rhino 6 Crashed when using Blocks

Hi Mcneel,
I am using Rhino 6 SR17 on my windows 10 pro, my Rhino model crashed when using blocks in my model,
I generally use blocks in my Layouts. Usually model crashed when I was editing text inside the block. This happened 3rd time to me . Blocks feature is very useful command it saves time but useless if it make my model crash.
Please help me out of this model crashing problem.
Thanks in advance!


Hi Ranjit,

A good first step is to provide more information would be to run the command SystemInfo
You can then copy the resulting info from the dialog in a post here for us to get some insight on your system.

Next would be to provide an example file and steps to reproduce this behaviour, maybe it’s something secific about the file or the blocks you are using.


I found that if i change layers on an object in a block and close the editor too quickly ,It crashes,Dunno if it might be something like that?