SR13 breaking with GhPython

I just upgraded to SR13 and previously working script no longer runs.
It’s whenever the GhPython component needs to recompute, Rhino exits without crash report dialog.
Is there way to roll back to SR12?

Hi. If you are on automatic updates for service releases, you should still have the installer for 6.12 on your machine.

That said, this sounds like something that should get fixed. I don’t recall having read about this issue before and you might thus want to work with @piac or @DavidRutten on this.

would installer be in a particular directory?

It should be in one of the subdirectories in this directory:


6.12 is working fine now.
I couldn’t really identify problem. Like I said Rhino exits without crash report dialog or anything at all. There was no opportunity to check what error GhPython script might be throwing either. I hope I can still update my rhino in the future…I’ll give 6.14 a try

Problems don’t necessarily just go away by themselves, I’m afraid.

If you have an issue that is repeatable, please upload necessary files and a description of workflow that leads to the problem. You can upload proprietary files on if that is required.

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will do

Hi, would you mind sharing your script?

I am hoping that this is a result of the error that happened because of RH-51188. Testing the script once we manage to find a solution for that would be beneficial.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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An update on the matter
After I reverted back to SR12, my script crashed again once today. But this time the crash report popped up and I did send in a report. The problem happened precisely when I clicked a button that I added to GhPython with the AppendAdditionalMenuItem API
I’ve had this script for a while and this is first time. Makes me think whether it’s to do with the new Win10 update KB4023057

This might not be Rhino’s fault. Exceptions that unwind all the way back to a method callback that is on the UI will always crash Rhino, and that’s just how they are designed to work. You should use try/except blocks to avoid this. Could this be the case?

I’ve run the exact same script today on a Win7 machine both in SR12 and SR13. No problem at all.

and this is becoming repeatable on the Win10 machine
I’ll try the try except pattern and update what i find

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At this point I can draw a few conclusions.
The crash was most likely NOT caused by GhPython, but a Brep|Plane intersection component. It happens to be down stream from GhPython.
I still can’t repeat the problem consistently, which is annoying. It remains that the problematic Brep|Plane behaves worse on my Win10 machine than my Win7 laptop.
For my case Mesh|Plane is a perfect alternative but hopefully Brep|Plane algorithm is improved with stability in the future. Thank you so much for the consistent support.

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It would be really cool to be able to repeat this, because if we could repeat it, we could try to debug it and remove this problem from Rhino!