Square pipe script

Hi Mitch, I’m actually on windows.

Oh, OK, I was confused by the thread category. I will give you a detailed answer tomorrow when I’m not trying to type on an iPad - Discourse sucks on a tablet.


Yes, that is correct for the original MaqueTools toolset. I am in the process of updating the set to be used either with toolbars or aliases, but it’s not done yet, and won’t get done very soon I’m afraid.

What you can do now for the scripts to run via alias:

First, decide on a folder location to store your scripts.
You can throw any existing script files or new ones posted here in there, they should have a .py extension for python or an .rvb extension for vb rhinoscript (my toolset has both).

To extract the scripts from the buttons in the toolset and make script files from them:
1. Open the button in the button editor and copy all the text out of there
2. Paste into a new text file
3. Remove the first line that looks like ! _NoEcho _-RunScript ( or ! _NoEcho _-RunPythonScript (
4. Remove the last line which should be a simple close parentheses )
5. Save the file in the scripts folder with either a .py or .rvb extension depending on the script type.

For python scripts you need to open the script editor (EditPythonScript) and go to tools>Options and set a file path to the scripts folder you designated above. For vb (rvb) scripts, you go to Rhino Options>Files>Search paths and set a path to the same folder.

Once all the above is done :sweat_smile:, you can set about making aliases. The form of the alias will be:

! _NoEcho _-RunScript “scriptfilename” for .rvb scripts


! _NoEcho _-RunPythonScript “scriptfilename” for .py scripts

“Scriptfilename” is the windows file name of the script in the scripts folder. Enclose it in quotes if there are spaces in the file name.

The scripts should then run via alias.

HTH, --Mitch

That did the deed, thanks!


This is great! How can I get the MultiRectPipeR script to use a different CPlane (for piping rectangular solids on lines rotated off of WorldXY?


Is it technically possible to ( in a way ) stabilise the orientation and size of the square section using python?

A student asked me how to proceed in order to sweep a rectangular ( or few ) section(s) around an non linear Helix.

What is asked is :

  • Maintain the size of the original profile constant.
  • Manage the orientation of the swept profile ( Roadlike option is not solving it in this case )

Adding profiles is the actual compromise , but managing too many profiles is not easy and not an elegant approach.

No Grasshopper wanted here.

Thanks in advance far any answer.
Rodolfo Santos

this is one of the best scripts out there, I always forget it exists.


randomly receiving error, please advise @Helvetosaur


what’s this now … :sweat_smile: :star_struck:


are these the most up to date versions?

I haven’t worked on them for awhile… Looks like the square and rectangular pipe scripts are from 2016/7… If you open the scripts in a text editor you will see a comment section at the top, it will have a date. Since there are several scripts out there if you tell me which one, I can check if it is the most recent.

Just to say - still using this script, still very helpful

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