Sports car design

so, I have the desire to design a sports car.
L=4712mm, W=1998mm, H=1165mm - wheelbase 2952mm.
Tires front 255 on 20 inch rim tires rear 345 on 22 inch rim.
Body 2 parts SubD converted to Nurbs trimmed and filleted - mirrors, seats are also SubD parts - rest Nurbs. I still have minor problems with the materials - you can see in the picture of the interior - on the seat the texture looks a bit like the leather covers are ripped - maybe someone has a tip for me how to avoid that. Most of the time I spent here again with the rounding functions -my hair is getting gray. I hope you have fun looking at it.


It is a professional work. No defect is seen. It is a full aerodynamic and developed car, though it seems a little longer than a sports car.


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Hello Sciensman,
101mm longer than a Ferrari F8 Tributo, but longer wheelbase.
(which probably visually stretches the car) Should still pass as a sports car.


Fantastic design and model, congratulations !