Sporph to Multiple Target Surfaces

I’m just trying to send a loose loft object to several target surfaces. I’m sure I’ve managed this in the past. Target Surfaces are grafted, and I’ve also tried using the list length of target surfaces to generate the same number of base surfaces and UV points. For some reason, the three unflowed surfaces don’t deform at all. I need to do about 30, and also this is something I would be able to reuse in future.

sporph multiple.gh (51.6 KB)

In this case, I would rather use Surface Morph.

smorph multiple_re.gh (54.2 KB)

Could it work with sporph too? Was I doing something incorrect to not get similar morphed objects? (In case what I want to flow isn’t of a box type shape?)

Jonathan Hutchinson

Of course, it is possible to use Sporph, but sometimes the results may not be as consistent as expected. That’s why I told you “rather” in this case…

sporph multiple_re.gh (98.5 KB)

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Thanks Kim! Right I see my mistake - I’d created UV points in the World XYZ space, in the first grid square.