Sporph dosn't bend line-like curve (maybe bug)

Hey all!
Any idea why the line-like curve doesn’t follos the destination surface?
Thank you!

straight and bent.gh (19.8 KB)

My guess is that you need to rebuild your curves with more control points, so they have enough “flexibility” to bend. This goes as well for Map to Surface. In other words, you can’t bend lines.

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it is a solution, but it seems that component just left out lines from the “make deformable” method.

Four curves in, four curves out, the deformed line hugs the rim.

what I mean is the reason the component doesn’t deform lines as it should (without rebuilding) is probably an issue with make deformable.

I’m not qualified to say, but in also using Map to Surface, even if your curves have several control points, you usually need to bump up the number in order for a tight mapping. I don’t know if the “make deformable” method is supposed to automatically determine this number.

thaks a lot for the answer!
ps: map to surface slipped by me, but weirdly enough, it gives a different result than the spmorph

That’s because map to surface does actually use control points to map. Sporph (flow along surface) however does deform the entire geometry (but not lines as it is).

Maybe @Michael_Pryor has some insight into this.