Bending surface [Novice]

Good morning everyone, I’ve been working on this for the last 2 weeks and after many tries I still can’t get the expected results, so I turn to you: how would you proceed to create such a shape?

What I did is creating a flat boundary curve (green in the image) and surface, and then using the bend along an arc component. Is there any other way you would consider? Also, is there a way to bend a flat surface along a spline or any generic curve instead of an arc? Thanks in advance for your help!

People can’t recreate your shape from image

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Not the same as bending but…?

I’m not asking anybody to recreate my process, I’d just like to know how one would approach the task if he/she had to create something similar to what’s shown.

Read this

It’s a reasonable question without an easy answer, unfortunately. I was going to suggest Map to Surface but can’t seem to make it work myself. Very frustrating, isn’t it.

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Geometry In, Garbage Out - What has happened to Map to Surface? It used to work but even a C# Flip UV component (S.Transpose()) can’t help it now. :frowning: :man_facepalming:

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Thanks for your input Joseph, I’ll experiment with ‘Mat to Surface’ myself and keep you posted!

I’m surprised no one has suggested a plugin or C#/Python script (yet) to answer your question, as that is the go-to Kool-Aid (Band-Aid?) served here. The time and energy allocated to deal with “simple” nonsense like this is distracting and really adds up. It should not be so difficult!

If you don’t mind some thickness to your shape, SrfMorph (‘Transform | Morph | Surface Morph’) works:

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