Sporph does not work correctly

The component somehow works incomprehensibly with a group of curves. Lines did not transform at all! If Join Curves before transformation, then everything seems to be correct.
unnamed.gh (21.2 KB)

Check this.

Sporph_re.gh (24.8 KB)


Well thank you!
But this is a bug that needs to be fixed. :thinking:

I don’t think so.

Why ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @Modeler3D,

A ‘group of curves’, as you call it, is in your above example a closed, planar polyline that gets probably treated differently by Sporph than other un-closed curve types. Many operations in Grasshopper favour closed, planar polylines to other types, since they are more straightforward to process for many operations.

Well, geometrically speaking, a line is simply a connections between two points in three-dimensional space. If you project the points from a planar to a curved surface, their connection remains linear, even if the points occupy different planes now.
A polyline or nurbs curve on the other hand might be defined by more than two points. When projected, these points form curve segments that follow the surface curvature clearer. The more points or vertices the curve is composed of, the better the resolution of the projected curve will be.

There doesn’t seem to be a component bug! You probably just have to feed the component the right data!
Simply use the FitCurve compent proposed by @HS_Kim. It works beautifully and you don’t have to join your curves.

The spacemorph components should turn geometry into deformable types upon demand though. There already is a component specifically to put curves into surface uv space by only moving control points.

I haven’t examined the file yet, but there might well be a bug.

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Hi @diff-arch !
I understand what you’re talking about, I thought about it, but the component has a setting, whether the curves will deform or not, I think Sporph should change the curves (to make them correct). @DavidRutten noticed this thing …

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Logged under RH-51961.

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Fine! Thank! :slightly_smiling_face: