SplitTree mask

Is there a way to write a relative mask for SplitTree (in V6).
I was hoping there is support to separate all diagonal panels for example:

That would be nice. I guess you could always use TStat and format to create the whole list of masks as per your screenshot.

Looks like it’s not going to be available until Gh2 :roll_eyes:

Yes, it would be very useful indeed to allow proper mask in SplitTree.
I hope @DavidRutten will support it in GH2.

For the method @dharman mentioned. It is a bit limiting, but works better than direct typing. Thanks for suggesting:


is it possible to create a split tree mask by the item count or list length?
I have a tree with an arrangement of different numbers of items in each branch and want to pull only the branches with item_count=4 but the mask does not support the syntax like the path mapper.

just found the solution after better searching.