Using 'path_count' and 'item_count' with split tree

Hi all,
I am trying to use split tree in order to separate the bulk of the items from the fringe.
as you see in the top example, for the current tree, (8*14 surfaces) I just select paths 1 to 6 and list items 1 to 12.
The problem is that it doesn’t change dynamically according to the tree’s size.
I thought that I could use the ‘path_count’ and ‘item_count’ as with the pathmapper but it is not recognized.
Is my notation wrong or is it just not compatible? (134.5 KB)

You can formatting the mask using expression designer. It’s a bit troublesome, but that’s what coding is.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: (75.6 KB)

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Thanks Kim,
brilliant solution as always, but are you sure there is no way to use these variables? (item_count, path_count)?

Given the opportunity start your walk (to oblivion) with this entry level thingy. (126.1 KB)

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The split tree notation is at the moment purely local. It basically says “given this path and this index, is this item covered?”. It doesn’t (yet) have any support for global tests that would involve knowing the topology of the entire tree. It’s something I need to look into whether it’s possible to add without a total rewrite. If I can’t it’ll have to wait for GH2.

ok, this clarifies it! thanks.