Negative tree masks (wish?)

Hey there !

Today, I ended up on this topic about DataTree selection rules and I was wondering if something like what’s in my screenshot would ever be possible? (filtering out the last branches of a tree)

I know there is a lot of work going on, and I’m not pointing a lack of anything but just wondering if this would be a reality maybe in GH1 or GH2?

I’ve noticed the “Trim data ends” from Treesloth , which is great, but doesn’t allow us to implement conditions like in David’s post above.

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It’s probably consistent with the rules. GH2 at the earliest though.

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There are ways to build up all the masks from tree stats, but it quickly becomes tricky when we want to make conditions + filtering out the last paths (when branches do not have the same lengths at different levels)

Anyway, maybe in GH2 at some point then, there is actually no need to rush for this :slight_smile:
Thank you for your answer !