Spliting a list in Grasshopper whilst keeping its order

Hello, I have managed to create a grid of points that each represent a day, mapping a calender, I now need to create a rectangle at each point with unique dimentions (whichI have inputed into two domains with the expressions -x/2 and x/2 to draw a rectangle from centre point).

How do I split this list for the numbers to correlate to each point in order from left to right?

At the moment this worksheet is producing 365 rectangles of each number?

Thank you :slight_smile:

this creates branches of points with same Y component, and sorts points inside each branch by their X component

[note: Jitter component is to be deleted, it’s there only to shuffle the points as proof of concept)

this is to draw rectangles over each point
(here I have assumed you had 31 sizes for X and 31 sizes for Y)

if you have 365 X values and 365 Y values for the rectangles you can go with this

wow amazing inno !! thank you so much this is a real help and very clear :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I managed to somehow do it a dirty way by flattening the plane. But your solution is much better for further manipulation.
Thank you again