Constructing rectangular grid with irregular step sizes of grid cells

I would like to construct a grid of rectangles, with different step sizes.

What do I have:
List A: a list of numbers, representing the step size to the next grid line in X-direction
List B: a list of numbers, representing the step size to the next grid line in Y-direction

I do know there is the Rectangular grid command, however, If I put multiple numbers in the step size Sx/Sy it starts over for each input (instead of summing the step sizes).
2020-04-02 rectangular grid with irregular step (6.1 KB)

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance, (9.6 KB)

One of many ways… (11.0 KB)

Hi Joseph,

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
It does the trick ánd with very few commands :slight_smile:

However, there is still 1 challenge to go.
I noticed, that the surfaces items are not sorted in a ‘logic’ way, but more in a random way present in the list (possibly it has to do with the split surface command)
Do you have any suggestion how I could rearrange the surface items in the list in such a way that they have an ascending order from left to right? (15.9 KB)

Thank you again very much :slight_smile:

Sorting geometry is a common problem, there are many tricks to accomplish it. See white group for one: (13.4 KB)

Ahh thank you once again! It works perfectly for the X,Y plane.

The only thing I must admit, I don’t fully understand the part (deconstruct point -->rearrange x,y,z --> point --> sort point).
Because when I try to do the same for a surface in the XZ plane, or XY itdoesnot seem to work.
Yes, I did try several combinations of the deconstruct point and rearrange but nothing seems to work.
Do you have any suggestions how-come?
The solution has to be very very close, but I cant find it :sweat_smile:.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

2020-04-03 rearange surfaces XZ and YZ plane (3).gh (29.3 KB)


This looks idiotic but Grasshopper is quirky that way. It’s a VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL… I had to round off the centroids (I used two decimal places) to get Sort Points to behave nicely. See purple groups. :man_facepalming: (30.6 KB)

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Try this with Isotrim (12.8 KB)

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