Rearranging Point List and Selecting Certain Points

I am still learning Lists and Trees at the moment.

I had created surface, divided it into different segments and I wanted to select the individual rectangles however the point list is not correct.

Eventually with the pointlist I plan to extrude certain rectangles together. Such as Rectangle 2 and 3 together at a different height as rectangle 1. or leaving some rectangle not extruded.

please post a .gh file

please also post the .gh file - not only the .3dm file.

Design Exploration Design (6.2 KB)

Whoops accidentally sent the wrong file

Dear @Birdreader
I hopefully understood your question correct.

the (spacial) order of the pointlist is given by the order of output of the “divide Domain ^2 component”.

use a rotated plane

I think the easiest way to get the desired sorting is to use a rotated plane for constructing the initial surface.
But this might lead to some confusion regarding x, y, u, v, or even violate the right hand rule… (10.2 KB)

custom divide Domain

But maybe it is more recommended to not use the the “divide Domain ^2 component”. But combine 2 “divide Domain” each for u and v.
By reversing the output list and graft one of them - and flatten the result you can influence order. (9.0 KB)
I like this approach more as it is does not mess with x,y, u,v.

resort / organize List

a third solution would be to resort the output List of Domains of the Divide Domain^2 component… but this seams more afford then the other approaches above.

hope this helps kind regards -tom

This was really helpful I have a better preference for the custom divide domain method.
Thank you so much!