Split views/layouts

Hi guys, I’m trying to create a duplicate of my front view so I’ll have 5 layouts.
2 fronts, 1 top, 1 perspective and 1 bottom. But I don’t know how.
Working on a pc you just click on the pointing down arrow besides the title of the layout and you will see a menu. But not the same in a Mac. Does anyone knows how. Thank you :+1:

Hi Luis -

On a Mac, you should be able to right-click the window title and get somewhat of the same menu.
Other than that, you can select the front view detail, run the Copy command and place a copy somewhere else. You can also run the Detail command and pick the Add option.

Hi Wim.
It won’t give me the split option like in PC. I’m going to try the copy command. But I just realized that, I’m using the “evaluation” version of rhino. May be that is why?
Thank you for your input

Hi Luis -

Hmmm… we must be looking at a different thing, then? This is from Windows:


Mac Rhino does not support custom view layouts. This is why the feature is not available on your Mac.

it is different
thanks :+1:

Hi Steve.
Ok. Thank you
I will stop looking

Ok - I thought you were talking about details on a layout… Sorry.


What’s the reason that Rhino Mac doesn’t support split viewports?
The only thing I can do is toggle 3 and 4 views, resize those windows by dragging window borders, and opening a floating view.

What I find handy in windows is the ability to split on the fly and create custom views!


Only because we haven’t had the chance to add the feature yet. This is a rather large chunk of Windows specific code that we need to figure out how to properly make work on Mac as well.

Thanks Steve