Split Horizontal/Vertical in Viewport Layout and Save As in Rhino for Mac Evaluation Version

Hi, Is it possible to split an individual viewport horizontally or vertically in the Rhino for Mac Evaluation version? In the Viewport Layout menu there doesn’t seem to be an option to do this… Also would Duplicate under the file menu work the same way as Save As? Thank you! Caitlin

Hi Caitlin
Option[alt] will give you Save As instead of Duplicate.

[not sure what you mean regard the other question…]

Enjoy the Evaluation, it has all the functions of the commercial version
best wishes

Hi Akash! Thanks for your help. In regards to my other question…In the PC version when you are working in an individual viewport like the Top Viewport, it is possible to split the view within the same viewport. You can split it horizontally or vertically. I was wondering if the Mac version was able to do this as well.
Thanks! Caitlin

Not implemented yet as far as I know. [the splitting]

  • If you are coming from PC, have you seen the info regarding the way rhino Mac saves? it is very different than Windows.


Hi Akash,

Ok I looked through all the options and I really couldn’t find how to split so it must not have the capability. No I haven’t notice the difference in how it saves. Can you enlighten me?
Thank you! Caitlin

Well, as you work, rhino will auto save in the background,
and when ever you save [command S] it will create a version, within the same file. then if you need to go back to an earlier stage in your model [or even just take something from a old part]
you can go in File > revert to > and it will open a browser with all the version that you saved within the file letting you restore to an earlier version, or just taking something from the past [I think only parts that were on a visible layer at the time of that save… although I may be mistaken here:]~*
So save does not overwrite the current file in the PC style and this is perhaps why save-as is more of an alternative option.

There should be a more thorough explanation somewhere, I don’t remember where though… [search


So helpful Akash. Thank you!

Hey @caitlinotaylor-

Unfortunately, Rhino for Mac does not have the same viewport area customization as Rhino for Windows. This “epic” issue is logged here:

RH-54392 Rhino for Mac’s Viewport area is not customizable

I see @Akash’s explanation above. I’ll just post this here in addition, in case it adds any understanding: