Custom workspace views?


Is this possible yet? For example, setting up your workspace so that you only see a front view and a perspective view side by side?


just whatever you can do with the 4 views.
(you can drag those around / rearrange them… in case you didn’t already know)


OK so you can’t do things like: 2 viewports right, 1 (tall) viewport left?



…oh… i meant ‘yep’ you can do that… i didn’t realize you typed can’t


Oh ok - cool. I didn’t notice that you could do that.



Can you do 1 Viewport under, 2 over? When I move the horizontal divider, the left and right viewport sides move independently. However, when I move a vertical divider, both top and bottom move together. This seems like a bug…


(Marc Gibeault) #7

Look at the Viewport Layout tab on the standard toolbar layout, you’ll find a nice selection of commands to arrange your viewports the way you like:


Is this avail in Rhino for Mac? I don’t see these icons in my Viewport Layout tab.

(Wim Dekeyser) #9

It’s not the way it behaves in the windows version, so, yes, I would call this a bug.

I cannot find this in the help file for Rhino for Mac but do you have a command called CloseViewport?
Also, if you have an active viewport, can you set its size in the properties panel? If so, you could change the size of the remaining top viewport, which, in theory, would detach it from the lower viewports. IDK - worth a try…


cool thanks!


more of a guess but i think things like viewports are an area that doesn’t port (nicely) from windows to mac.

Mac viewports and much of the UI will be its own thing. point being, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a bug since it acts different than windows. it’s just different

(Dan Belcher) #12

I would call this a bug too. I’ve logged this (MR-1938).