Divide windows

First of all I want to tell you that I’m French and English is not my language, so please don’t be hard with me if you can’t read easily.
I’m learning Rhino on line and the courses are made on PC and not Mac. And they shown how to divide the windows horizontally or vertically.
I do not found this command in Rhino Mac.
Can you help me ?

Thanks for your help.

Maybe it isnt available for mac. Rhino mac doesnt have all win commands

Thanks for your reply, but your “Maybe” confuses me !!! Your are not sure ? So maybe it existe ?

SplitViewportVertical NOT available for Mac Rhino


Thank you for your answer, but I know this, and I can do it, but my research is different.

I see. In this case please ask the question differently (perhaps with a sample photo)

Ok, I found my answer alone, (How do i split a viewport horizontally/vertically?)
My question would have be “Split” and not divide maybe.
Thank you for your help.

Peut-être un problème de compréhension. Ma réponse est exactement la même chose (que je vous ai fourni le lien directement dans votre langue). De toute façon vous avez résolu.
Parce que je suis italien, je parle et écris mauvais anglais, je aussi des malentendus sur les commandes, pour cela, je vous conseille de toujours utiliser les noms de commandes en anglais.
Si vous ne savez pas, tapant _name commandement britannique, Rhino offre une fenêtre avec la commande bien que la langue du menu est différent (dans son cas, en français). Dans cet exemple, on peut noter que l’écriture de la commande _SplitViewportHorizontal Rhino est désactivé (car il n’existe pas)

Gracie per la vostra risposta. Ho capito che siete Italiano, io Francese pero parlo Italiano e lo posso anche scrivere.
Avete ragione. Meglio di imparare Rhino in Englese, piu facile per scambio.
Gracie encora per vostra risposta.

Puo darsi piu tardi ci legeremo di nuovo !!

I like it! An Italian responding in French, and the Frenchman who asked the question responding in Italian :grinning: An international crowd, those Rhino users!

Hahahahah that’s totally crazy !!!

Thank goodness for Google Translate…:smile_cat:

nID maH (Klingon)
terrestrial: we try

Rather than laughing you should beter try to found a solution to split a window like in PC computer !!! hahahaha

Állo, Buon Giorno, Dag,

We can do most things like PC,

You can have a NewFloatingViewport…

You can have 3 Viewports if you like …

Technically not like Windows, but it should help get work done the way you like.

Bonne Journée, A presto, tot ziens


Hoooo thank you, I will try this as soon is possible. Thank you, gracie, merci, diérédief, choucran…

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In addition to the excellent suggestion @rhinorudi Used in combination with the app Moom you can wanting to enter the keyboard shortcut (or alias).

Hello everybody.
Ok, I try the command “NewFltingViewport” and it’s totally perfect for what I need. So thank you very much.
Now, I would like to know how you put this litle window on your screen, the litle window of command ?

Thanks again for your help.

Thank you to Zsimon for the “_Name…”. Questo è veramente qualcosa eccezionale !! Gracieeeeeeeee:grinning:

Preferences / Themes - je connais pas en Français .

Check - use command options dialogue

This is my Rhino window

ces tout - «Randy

dernier chose - you just have to type to have the command palette appear.