Split >Apparent Intersections

Can someone remind me of the actual reason(s) that Split doesn’t have an “Apparent Intersections” option (while Trim does)?

Thx, --Mitch


Hi Mitch - I guess this is due to the way selection is handled - unlike Trim there’s not always a specific view that can be located and the apparent intersection worked out. In Trim Rhino knows you clicked this object in this view to tell it what part to throw away, but in Split you select all the objects and and then all the cutters, then the thing goes to work. It does pay attention to views but it’s not nearly so clear cut.


Hi Pascal -
Well I guess I don’t understand why that should completely exclude using apparent intersections… All you need to do is grab the current view direction once all the cutters have been selected, and assume that’s what the user wants to use. I have a script that does just this. I’d venture to say that 99.9% of the time when the user is doing this they are working in an ortho view anyway.


Hi Mitch - yeah, and it’s my guess of the moment as to why it is not done this way, but… it does seem to me it could be pretty fraught with head scratching if Rhino assumed the active view when cutter selection was done should be the one to use - after all there is frequently no visible change in splitting and any errors might not be known for a while down the road. I do think you’d need another deliberate step in the process anyway.


I also share this frustration, forever wanting to apparent intersect for split, and I bet others do also.

so what about a script that (in ortho) projects the lines to Cplane, does the split then brings them back to where they came from ?