Split Curves with Line/Curve Ortho Views (Right, Top etc.)

Thought this is possible in ortho views in recent versions. Is this a respective setting? Thank you!

PS: so using a line/curve to split other curves that are not intersecting but would intersect by view. Thank you

It appears to work with curves splitting surfaces or polysurfaces, but not with curves splitting curves - if they are not in the same plane. You can try this script which works on curves as well as surfaces/polysurfaces as a workaround:

SplitObjsByView.py (8.0 KB)

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Hooray! thank you Mitch!

@Helvetosaur doesn’t work on my end :frowning:

Umm, the video is not very clear here - too low-res - but it appears you used the command Split and not the script…?

You are right. video must now be in highres. thank you Mitch will get into this.