Split tree mask strange results

Sorry, but I don’t get it. Why when I have mask: { * ; 2 ; * } I receive branches like that. I suppose I should receive exactly the same results as with mask { * ; 2 ; 0 }.

split tree.gh (18.6 KB)


it is strange indeed.
Maybe you should try with ? instead of * .

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{*;2;*} means any path which has at least one 2 in it. Doesn’t matter where. The asterisk matches any amount of values, including no values at all.

{?;2;?} matches paths with length=3 and a 2 in the middle.

{2;*} matches any paths which starts with a two, it doesn’t matter what -if anything- comes after.


Now I get it. I should look into DataTree selection rules more carefully. Thank you.