Path Mask Inconsistency

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I was recently trying to isolate some data branches when I noticed that the syntax I was using wasn’t returning the results I was expecting. Am I missing something here?

I need to remove everything with 5 in the second sub-branch(?) - So if something is {0;5;0} it should be removed, any number other than 5 should remain. Hopefully the image below it make it clearer - the branches with 5 in the address are still there unless I remove the asterisk.

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Path (24.3 KB)

Path (28.3 KB)

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Hmm, I see… though that does make sense… is there any reason why an asterisk doesn’t work?

I’m guessing that if my branch addresses were to go into double digits, this solution wouldn’t work anymore?

Just curious if there has been any updates to David’s original post?

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In this case, the same result can be obtained by using asterisk because there is no branch that starts or ends with 5.
However, the application of the exception using the exclamation mark did not work.
Check the linked topic.

Path (21.8 KB)