Need help splitting curves

Hi guys I’m having trouble splitting curves in rhino. i keep getting the same message “objects may not be within tolerance of one another”. I don’t really understand, both curves are open curves and they are crossing one another so I don’t know why it’s not working. If anyone can give insight on this problem I would be eternally grateful!

Hi Jennifer - if you select the two curves that are involved and run Intersect, does that return a point there where they cross?
Can you export the curves and send us the file?


When I run intersect, the type bar responds with “0 intersections”. I’ve uploaded the exported file: splitting curves.3dm (18.4 KB)

Hi Jennifer.

You might or might not be aware of it but your intallation of Rhino is not a legitimate one. It’s a ‘cracked’ version.

Check out the cost of a student or commercial version.

It’s not much compared to what the software can do. And besides that it’s only fair to pay for something others have put time and effort in.
For example, note that Pascal who answered you is a McNeel employee (correct me if I’m wrong Pascal).


Is that so?? I was just using a 30 days trial ver: This is the first time I’ve installed rhino on my computer, outside of school (it says it has 21 days left). I had assumed it was legit.
Thanks for the heads up. >o<

But is that why it won’t work? I would really like to finish this before re-installing ;;

I can’t say if that is the reason it does not work. Yet I have seen problems with cracked versions appear here.

I would finish your project first and than consider a student licence ( if you are a student that is).

Unfortunately I’m on my phone now so unable to test your file.


It’s fine, yeah, I have heard there are many problems with cracked versions and this could be one of them. I will try my best to solve it and if it doesn’t work, I will try to work at school. Unfortunately, at the moment I have no money for student license. My teacher had told me that Rhino had free trials for students, and I assumed what had been installed was it, but I guess not??
Plus don’t I have to wait a certain time for rhino to be shipped? This project needs to be handed in about a week and a half…

There is a Rhino 90 day evaluation version available here -

There is no free student version (please tell your instructor this) but it is quite inexpensive for students - see

Rhino 5 is a download, no wait for shipping…


Thank you very much! That helps a lot!

I recommend the guys at Novedge. They have Rhino 5 EDU for $138.

The next time you download trial software, go to the site of the publisher, not the first google search that pops up. Illegal software is free, on many occasions, so that the pirates can load malware onto your computer / steal your identity / use your system as a spam relay / etc. Not worth it.