SPLIT problem

error.3dm (4.7 MB)

Hello everyone,

I was trying to solve this problem by myself.
but I only struggled for hours… so exhausting.

Anyway, I want the pink tunnel to combine with green tunnels and to make the intersections.
which means that pink walls between greens walls have to disappear, but they wouldn’t.
Other green walls worked just fine, but only this one is being the pain.
I tried everything I know for now, searched for hours, but still I am struggling.
If someone can help me, it would be really appreciating.

Hello - you’ll have to explode these and get at the trimming surface by surface I think - use Intersect to get some curves to use to trim with, as well as some existing edges. For good measure you may (or not) want to MergeAllFaces when done.
error_PG.3dm (486.5 KB)


Hi Pascal,

Thanks so much for your response and the file.
So now I’m exploding everything and using intersect command to find the red curve you’ve found.
But, I can’t still find it. When I intersect, they don’t catch the red line.


Maybe my tolerance is bit off.
It is set at
Would this be the problem?


As Pascal says you can manually trim the surfaces.

You will have less trouble trimming if you eliminate all the flat surfaces in the top and bottom. Just trim and join all the side surfaces and then make one planar surface for top and bottom to finish it up.

The red surface in this file is an exampleerrorx.3dm (569.7 KB)

Hello - I see that it fails in V5… I made my changes in V6. With no selection, use

DivideAlongCreases > SplitAttangents = Yes

Then select the surfaces and let it do its splitting - you’ll see that the surfaces split where straight and arc sections meet… Now Intersect…



It finally works…!
Never knew those commands…
Thank you Pascal and Jim.
Wish you guys have a wonderful day.