Trimming or splitting complex shape

Dear Community,

I am in need of your help again. I have been trying to split of trim a complex polysurface with another for some time, without any success. It seems very basic but rhino is not able to produce any of the results I am expecting.

The polysurface is formed of two surfaces(top and bottom) coming from a grasshopper script and I have lofted the surface between in order to create a closed polysurface.

Then I need to split this polysurface with planar horizontal surfaces. When I split the polysurface the only change is that it splits one part of the whole model, not the entirety.

Could someone have a look and tell me where I am going wrong, please?

Splitting or trimming complex shape.3dm (14.1 MB)

When you explode it and join it together like this, its not what ou after?

it is what I am after! How did you do this? Do you need to explode the polysurface first?

Yes, I exploded it first, than I realized it was already splitted, so I just joined it together.
I dont know why this happens, normally it happened to me using meshes. To cap it I duplicated the border adjusted the pointheight made a planarSrf and joined again.

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