Split failed - I attached file

split failed.3dm (53.3 KB)

Hi Bogdan,

It would help if you explained what you were trying to split. I assume the “folded” object is to be split by the plane. To make it work, explode the surface before splitting.

@pascal, any explanation why the split fails on the joined surfaces?


Hi @jeremy5,

This is exactly what I was trying to do, and yes, I exploded and it worked.
Split fails on polysurfaces and I have many of them.

The problem may be connected to a bug with incomplete intersection curves I reported recently https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-50915 - if you try to generate the intersection curve between your object and the plane you will see that it stops at intermediate edges.

Yes, I also noticed. Thanks for looking into this.

Dear Bodgan

  • yes sometimes intersect / split / trim fail, a known issue / bug as Jeremy already pointed out.

possible workarounds:
in most cases it helps to limit the problem by testen with the _intersect or _intersectTwoSets command.
Then use _insertKnot for the surface that does not want to trim.

you can also _explode your polysurface trim the surfaces and _join them again.
(in your case this works.)



Hm - the objects are both very far from the origin and very large… dunno yet…


Hi @pascal and all

On the same file, I placed the objects close to origin - It didn’t help.
I also scaled them smaller. - Didn’t help.
Then I changed Absolute tolerance from 0.001 to 1 and it worked!