Split command doesn't work properly


I want to trim this object by the plane so that I have a flat surface. the first plane which was on the top worked fine but the bottom one doesn’t work. Can you please suggest why this happening.


12 FEB 2019 - FRAGMENT COL.3dm (2.1 MB)

Your have a few polysurfaces which are not joined. If you select all surfaces and join them together, then split will work.

I tried but it doesn’t work. I even exploded and join them again but not working.
The inner surface gets cut but not the outer surface.

Hello - the object is already largely split as is - if you explode and select at the bottom you’ll see a lot of the faces are already split - there are a couple that do not want to split with the plane, but if you set the file tolerance to .0001, they also split.


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