Unable to Split Closed Polysurface with line

PeriscopeSplitForum.3dm (1.4 MB)

I am trying to split the two closed polysurfaces with the line (in the file). It only splits the top polysurface and not the bottom one. How can I fix this?


dear @Ilan_Farahi

i am not 100% sure but I would guess:
There are some surfaces that are (nearly) coplanar / or (nearly) overlapping to the cutting-profile. Maybe also some issues regarding tangential constellations.
same for some edges.
additionally there is a very tiny surface (x).

regardless of the error:

_extrudeCrv (your cutting-profile, blue surface in screenshot)

… sort all surfaces that don t need to be split to different layers.

_trim or _split each single surface
_join …

if you want to figure out which part of the polysurface is responsible for the error
_extractSrf one by one and try split…

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Thank you, Tom! That helped a lot.