Split bug - wrong error message

The Split command returns the erroneous error message Split failed, objects may not be within tolerance of one another. when used on a closed curve or polycurve with one cutting object which intersects the closed curve/polycurve at a single location.This happens when the objects are withing tolerance of each other as verified by the Intesect command. It also occurs and also if the Point option within the Split command is used.

I assume the Split command should fail in this situation because spliting a closed curve or polycurve at a single location is not allowed. However the error message should reflect the actual problem, not a non-existant problems.

Example: SplitClosedErrorDC01.3dm (52.8 KB)
Try Split on the blue curves (one a single curve, the other a polycurve) using the green lines or red points as the cutting object.
Version 6 SR23
(6.23.20028.7531, 1/28/2020)

I’ll check, but I don’t think there’s more than one failure message built into in the Split command.
I think that’s why it includes the term “may” to make it more general.

V5 was exactly the same.
So is the V7 WIP.