Split failed, objects may not be within tolerance of one another

I’ve tried all sorts of things to remedy this, from snapping the end of the cyma curve to the straight line, projecting both lines to cplane, extending the curve, and using the straight line to trim. All looks good until I try to split, and then I get the dreaded message. See red circle.

Any help would be great.

P BassV8 Neck to Forum redacted.3dm (252.8 KB)

Hi Carl,

What are you trying to split and what are you splitting it with when you get the error?

I’m trying to split the straight line that is going in the Y direction - I’ll repost a better sketch

Hi Carl,

The straight line is part of the closed green curve. In order to split a closed curve, you have to cut it in two or more places. In this case you might, for example, want to split the curve at one or both straight ends as well as at the cyan curve. Place a point coincident with one or both ends using end snap and use the point(s) at the same time as the cyan curve in your split…


Thanks! I’m learning every day :smiley:

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