Split failed

Hi folks, I am unclear about why this curve will not split. I tried it with a curve, and a plane and it is not working! So weird. I haven’t had this problem before. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Superstitions.3dm (5.4 MB)

I think the problem is a closed curve or polycurve cannot be split at a single location. The error message from split in this instance, Split failed, objects may not be within tolerance of one another. is clearly erroneous. The objects are within tolerance of each other which can be shown using Intersect.

Use CrvSeam if you want to move a seam location in a closed curve or polycurve.

To split a closed curve or polycurve into two or more curves or polycurves use Split and select two or more cutting objects before completing the command.

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Oh my gosh that was such a silly error on my part. Thanks so much @davidcockey. I don’t know what I was thinking!

This advice was helpful. Thank you.