C# Grasshopper Brep split by curves is not working

Surface_Curve Check.gh (9.5 KB)


In the attached GH file, I am trying to use Brep.Split(curves,tolerance) method but it is not giving any result.
While grasshopper native component for surface split is giving me results as expected.
I am trying to figure out the solution for this.

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your reply.
I actually tried using curve.DuplicateSegments() , before splitting.
and splitting is done properly after that.
But i also tried your method it is not working on other geometry.
attaching script with both methods.Surface_Curve Check.gh (16.6 KB)

Always add as explicit as possible messages/checks (that’s one of the many advantages of coding).

See attached as well:

BrepFace_Split_EntryLevel_V1.gh (125.2 KB)

You are absolutely right actually this particular problem is part of a bigger code.
it is very basic but i am still not able to find proper solution for it.